Green Burial

Green Burial Council

"The GBC has adopted an integrative, four-pronged approach for making available more ecologically responsible deathcare.

First, we rely on certifiable standards for our approved providers; these standards are evolving as we come to better understand issues ranging from the science behind green burial to legal/compliance matters.

Second, we inform the public about the need for environmentally sustainable funeral/cemetery/cremation options, in part to help create economic incentives for the deathcare industry.

Third, we ensure that funeral directors, cemeterians, and product manufacturers are made aware of our most pressing environmental concerns and can competently serve families seeking greener options.

And finally, we provide new ways of bringing together conservation entities with representatives from the field of funeral service to create burial/scattering programs that aid in the restoration, acquisition and/or stewardship of natural areas."


The Center for Natural Burial

"The modern concept of natural burial began in the UK in 1993 and has since spread across the globe. The Centre for Natural Burial provides comprehensive resources supporting the development of natural burial and detailed information about natural burial in your area: Natural Burial in Canada, Natural Burial in USA, Natural Burial in UK & Europe."