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These planning worksheets were designed to be used with The Party of Your Life. You can type into the form fields, or print the worksheets and fill them in by hand. (If you need Adobe Reader, download it for free at Adobe's website.)
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Instructions (read first)
The planning worksheets listed below (organized into 5 sections for a total of 10 worksheets) are several pages each to give you space to describe your fancy funeral in extravagant detail. Feel free to cross out items or skip sections that aren't relevant to your funeral goals. I recommend printing out only one or two worksheets at a time so you don't get overwhelmed with paper. If you only want to record the basics, you can use the Quick-Plan Worksheet, listed on the bottom of this page.
Funeral ID Card
This isn't a worksheet, it's your FUNERAL ID CARD, which you'll read about in Chapter 17. Once you fill it out, you may want to laminate it.
ID Card
Section 1: Pre-Planning Essentials
Who Are You? Start planning by writing down a few things about yourself. (Chapter 1)

Your Funeral Posse. Assembling a funeral team, or even naming a single funeral party advocate, aka your Death Buddy, is a key step in getting the funeral you want and deserve. (Chapter 2)
Section 2: The Party of Your Life
The Details. Describe your dream themes, record your riveting remembrance rituals, imagine your funeral events and itineraries, select a celebration location, create your signature funeral drink, design your funeral cookie, etc. (Chapters 3-6, 10-11)

Dance This Mess Around. Compile your funeral tunes. (Chapter 7)

Your Funeral Mission Statement. Set the tone now. (Chapter 8)
Section 3: The People of Your Life
Who's Hot, Who's Not. It's never too early to start thinking about your guest list. Do you want an exclusive exit? Or can anyone show up? (Chapter 9)
section 4: The Service of Your life
At My Service. Decide now what type of funeral service you want and who you'd like to officiate. Or, maybe you don't want a service at all, just a party. Write it down so your survivors will know what you want when the time comes. (Chapters 13-16)

My Dramatic Potential. Use examples of fancy funerals you've enjoyed, plus sports competitions, festivals, Broadway musicals, and other inspiring events, to describe the energy of your one-of-kind sendoff. (Chapter 14)
Section 5: The Promotion of your life
Post-Life Publicity. Record a few ideas for your death announcement card, funeral invitation, obituary, and epitaph. (Chapter 17) Create your official funeral website. (Chapter 18)
Quick-Plan Worksheet
If you're in a hurry, download this bare bones worksheet to describe the party of your life and related events.
blank lined worksheet pages
If you just want some lined worksheets for jotting down notes, use these!