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"Whether you are pre-planning a funeral for yourself, making funeral arrangements for a loved one, or providing grief support to a friend, you can rely on the resources at to guide you through the process."

Funeral Ideas

"During my career as a Funeral Director in San Francisco, I was involved in planning an array of alternative funerals and memorial services and I realized there are many ways to create a celebration of life. Families that I have worked with have taught me the variety of this religious ritual. Loved ones can opt for burial or cremation. Remembrance services can be inside or outside. Memorial plaquesare a great idea for gravestones at the cemetery or other outdoor memorial idea. Families can plan their own memorial services or they follow traditional guidelines. Funeral flowers can be incorporated into the service withflorist deliveries or sympathy gift baskets given as mourning gifts to families. Eulogies can be humorous or serious. The memorial ideas and funeral planning can be big or small. The celebration of life can be formal or informal. You may want to consider Burial Insurance Quotes for your burial needs.

Because our society supports freedom of religion, we do not need to conform to someone's expectation of the "perfect" funeral service. There is no standard funeral ritual. Each and every person has a unique memorial. It is an important day in our lives, and in our grief. The process of funeral planning can be stressful and daunting, even I, a death care professional, had a difficult time when it came to saying goodbye. I invite families and funeral directors to use this website to freely design a service that reflects the life lived, you will find a variety of ideas for alternative funerals. Free funeral planning forms are available to assist in preplanning and for organizing a personalized memorial service. The funeral planning aids will make your time more efficient.."

The Funeral Site

" is a free consumer information and education resource on funeral planning,
financing funerals, funeral products and services. Includes info on: how to write a eulogy, how to pick a funeral home, funeral readings and songs, types of disposition, etc."


My Wonderful Life

" is a free on-line service to help you plan and personalize your own funeral, so it reflects the way you lived. Becoming a member at does not take the place of a Will, which is very important, but allows you to eliminate the guesswork for your loved ones during a difficult time. In many cases, the Will cannot be located or read in time for the funeral, and may not contain the information that you can provide at Being able to print out a one-page summary of your wishes, as well as other important information they need to know, will allow your loved ones more time to celebrate your life."


Funerals to Die For (U.K.)

"The FREE Online Funeral Planning Service. Celebrate your life, your way!"